March 10th, 2008

lj idol

Eliminations - Week 17

There are weeks that are ok, where I can say "wow, what a GREAT RUN!" and weeks that just plain suck.

For me, this is a week that just plain sucks.

The two teams who are being eliminated don't have *one* person who's "had a good run" but rather people who just kept getting better.

But that is why we play the game, because I certainly would not have called any of these eliminations.

boundfate - There was a point that I would have said that she had done really well and kudos, meaning every single word. The last few weeks though showed me that there was *so much more* in her to give. One of those people who got off to a slow start but really caught fire.

browneyedgirl65 had been mentioned by quite a few people as an underestimated dark horse as a potential WINNER.

angstzeit, he had some ups and downs throughout the competition but I had actually just recently had a conversation saying that I thought he might very well be the last man standing. He went toe to toe with GROUPS OF TWO and still almost pulled it out. That's well worth pointing out because if it wasn't for that he'd still be standing.

mme_furiosa - She went half way around the world and STILL managed to keep herself in the game for this long. Her writing is absolutely breathtaking. Amazing writer, and from everything I can tell, an amazing person. I'm honored to have had her in the game.

Actually, I'll take that last statement and apply it to all four of these people.

Some amazing talent is gone from our ranks today, and I think the rest of you better count yourselves lucky. One bad bounce is all it takes sometimes. This week should show that.
lj idol

Pick a Partner - part two

Read the subject line.

That's right. The current partnerships have come to an end.

You need to pick a new one before the topic deadline.

For those of you who have been in triads, this means you *can not* pick anyone that you have previously been partnered with.

This week showed that anything can and will happen. So make sure to pick someone good!*G*

Post your new partnerships here.
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Topic Week 18

Running out of time to post, since that result took a lot of me, so I'll make it short and sweet...

It's the usual main topic and open topic scenario. One of the partners will write on one, and the other on the second one...

The "main topic" is "Unsatisfied"

The deadline to post your link back here is Friday March 14th at noon EST.