February 23rd, 2008

Dear LJ
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Saturday voting update....

So, if you took a bye, you're not in the table below.  Please don't freak out!!  :-)

Also, there are 13 ineligible voters plus I voted for the people with bye's straight off the bat so I could keep track.  I'll vote for real soon. 

There are 6 people who haven't voted at all (7 if you count me).  Of course there are many people who are still modifying their votes, too.  So.....
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lj idol

Green Room - Week 15 - The Weekend Edition

Ears are still ringing from seeing Mofro last night. They can certainly put on one hell of a show, and yeah, I was probably too close to the speakers.

Got home about 1am and crashed until about noon. Then got caught in the rain on my way into the library so that I could catch up on everything going on with Idol and online in general.

edit to addI was thinking yesterday afternoon about upcoming topics and some ideas that I had. . . and "the debate" with gonadsandstrife and fidgety over use of "abstract" topics popped into my head. I still don't think that they are better than any other kind, or more challenging - however, after some pondering I realized that there were a couple one word "abstract" topics that not only did I really like, that I planned on actually using. So, my apologies guys. I do in fact like them more than I thought I did.

So, how are you guys doing anyway?