February 15th, 2008

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Green Room - Week 14 - Day 5

As the count down continues until deadline, we have SUDDEN DEATH CAGE MATCH news.

Three contestants were given the power to hand out a black mark, to declare an one on one match with another player. (Hey, I've been looking for a chance to use the term "black mark" since Pirate Master, and realized "hey, I already have something like that in the game!)

controlld_chaos decided to NOT challenge anyone.

awallens decided to NOT challenge anyone.

unsold_capacity challenged anamacha!


I'm curious what people think of "gimmicks" in posts. Things that add to the post in general, like voice posts or pictures other aspects that are indeed a part of journals but are added to the writing. Do you think they help? Do they hurt your view? Does it depend on how seamlessly they are included? Is it the type of thing that is good every once in awhile but would get old?

I've read comments from contestants who happen to be blind about pictures in posts, and it ended up being rather informative about coding issues.

How are voice posts viewed by readers who happen to be deaf? Obviously with the text they can still read what is going on, but, I don't know, I was just curious and figured there was *someone* out there who could answer that one.


Good luck to everyone this week, I have a feeling this is going to be a tough one.
lj idol

Gold Stars - Week 14

But I can hear you asking - "who is getting Gold Stars this week? Tell us Gary - tell us!"

Ok, so that's not what you're saying, but it's what I'm hearing! So here you go!!!*G*

This week the Gold Stars for doing those little things that make this is a better place, as voted on by me and well me, are:


Congratulations to all of you.
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Week 14 - Vote!

A few words from clauderainsrm:
Some of them discussed the ones that they loved while others thought that love stinks. Now it’s time to share the love and support the contestant’s whose entries have captured your heart.

This may very well be the voters last chance to determine who will make up the Top 50, so make sure your voice is heard.

The four contestants with the lowest votes will go home. The fifth will be decided by a sudden death run-off where the one with the fewest votes will win a life time supply of Rice O Roni, the San Francisco Treat also be sent packing.

Voting starts now and will end on Monday Feb 18th at 1pm EST. Good luck to everyone!

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