February 8th, 2008

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Week 13 - The List!

Still need posts from...

johnmill79  (Just in case he finds a way to get a post in.)

The last post I saw was from moonstone_fae.  It's actually a rather small list this week, comparatively speaking.  Good job, peeps!

And now, I am off to forage for Pepsi.

ETA - tdarling and sushimustwrite should be on the list.  lacombe should not have been.
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Gold Stars - Week 13

Why is it that people don't talk about leaving the park? There's too much drama at the park - I don't want to go there anymore??

Heh, that's really nothing to do with Idol, ok, not much with Idol just something that's been on my mind.

It's the people at the park. It's the people on Livejournal - or at work or...

It's all how you decide how to deal with them.

Some of the people are folks you will like. Some are people that you won't.

Heck, some are people that you will like until you decide that you don't!!*G*

Anyway, here are some people that I think deserve some extra attention this week, not that some of them need any extra attention *cough*.*G*



There are a lot of really good entries this week, but one stuck in my head for the last couple of days. This is something I've debated, not wanting to put myself too much into the process and I WILL say that I haven't read anything that was posted last night (so there might be something just as incredible or even more so) - but I wanted to draw some extra attention to porcelain72's entry this week. I just have to say there's a hell of a lot of courage out there and I'm seeing more and more of it every week by all sorts of people.
Dear LJ
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Vote! - Week Thirteen

A few words from clauderainsrm:
Can you feel that? That’s the tension in the air as we head toward our Top 50.

Any moment there could be a massive bye-out that takes us to 30. Any step could be a misstep. Every move could be the last.

Or, this could be the week where someone takes things to the next level, where they make their case for why they are a serious contender. Considering how wide open this field is, we’ve seen that, at this point, that just about anyone in the competition could do exactly that.

Current Events has become a regular feature, to force people outside of their comfort zones to actually talk about the things going on in the world around them, and how they relate to events in their own lives.

There have been some INCREDIBLE entries this week so I hope you take the time to read them and vote for your favorites.

Because that’s the only thing that is going to keep them in this hunt – your vote and your support.

This week two people were given the power to declare Sudden Death matches, one on one fights. Those two were dedamona and lacombe. Both of whom decided not to subject anyone to that fact.

The numbers of who are going is not going to change, just who it will be. The bottom 5 voter getters, over all (in both polls) will be leaving us.

Actually, since it’s probably the worst kept secret ever, make that 4. Because as of the moment this poll is posted, worldofcharlie has officially dropped out of the competition. So someone was just saved by this sacrifice. . .

Voting opens now and will continue until Monday Feb 11th at 1pm EST. Good luck to everyone!

Tech Support Note - Neither sleet, nor snow (not even 14"), nor dead of night will keep the poll from being posted. :)

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Normally I'd be talking about "bye outs", but in this case it's saying goodbye to a couple of people.

sushimustwrite, the holder of this season's vote record decided to step out of things in order to concentrate on real life. She's more likely than not going to stick around, so I'm really happy about that aspect at least.

worldofcharlie... oh, what can I say about Charlie?

He stepped out in order to save someone from elimination.

The first time I saw him around the Green Room I thought I was going to BLOODY HATE him. Ok, maybe not "hate" but I thought for sure I was going to be annoyed. I'll admit it. Why? Looking back I'm not sure. Maybe the "bloody this" and the "bloody that". . . and then I heard the term "headmate" and thought "hmmm... really?" I'll admit it. It's not something I'm proud about, but I wasn't sure what to think of him.

Now that he's going I'll come out and say it though - Charlie is one hell of a guy. Completely won me over. I'm not going to say he was the strongest writer in the competition. He'd know I was lying, but damnit if he wasn't one of the nicest people who participated this or any other season.
Goodbye Charlie! Thank you for playing, and thank you for taking the time to prove me so very wrong!