February 3rd, 2008

lj idol

Green Room - Week 12 - Surprise Sunday Evening edition


You've got a lot on your minds don't you?*g*

Seriously though, I find it fascinating to see people actually talking about the notion of what is and is not ethical behavioral as it pertains to game play.

I don't like the more aspect where people's feelings are hurt, but I love the very notion of having this conversation. Especially reading it while the Super Bowl is on, given how one of the teams got there...(*opens a can of worms and sits back and sees which bird will peck at it*)*g*


I've talked to a few people in prviate - yes, I do get the emails and I do try to respond to them as they come in - about "the other" issue from this week where people felt personally attacked by a fellow contestant... and it's been addressed with them. I'm only bringing this up because it does have to be mentioned that this is a game, and like all games there is a strict "you do not personally attack a contestant". It's usually physical that it restricted, but if the line becomes blurred I can and will use my ability to ban a player from the field of the play the same way I would with a troll who came into the community to insult people. It's a fine lines ladies and gentlemen, let's make sure we all stay safely on one side of it.


With that said - there's a cage match going on:

sideshowbennie vs. sushimustwrite so make sure to vote to keep your favorite in the running!

Bennie now holds this season's record for the most votes. But will it be enough? We won't know until the final bell rings tomorrow.


I promised tru2myart, season 2 winner, that I would post her comments on the whole alliance thing in the very next Green Room, since she wasn't sure she would be around. So they should end up as the first comment (unless someone is really, really on the ball...)