January 28th, 2008

lj idol


Wow. We had some really close ones this time. I think that is what we are going to be seeing from here on out.

Yeah, I keep saying that. But I keep being right too!

With the 5 immunities out there this round, there were some unexpected bounces, but this time we say goodbye to:

the pantless one wbahner
Teh Duck chather

It just isn't getting any easier.
lj idol


To the "victors" go the spoils. . .

I promised the biggest reward ever handed out. I promised the most choices that anyone has ever had to make.

The person with the most votes in the last round,spydielives, has a big decision before her:

The power to bring 2 people “back” into the game.

Here’s where the decisions come in:

(1) You can bring back up to 2 contestants, who have previously been eliminated. Provided of course they want to come back. Once you announce your decision of who, you can’t change it. So make sure they want to come back! They will be coming back without any byes, so however it was that they went out the first time, they are going to have to be on the top of their game to stay in.

(2) You can bring two HOME GAME players into the game. It’s Week 12, how will they fair? I don’t know, no one has ever entered the game at this point. They will enter with 1 bye.

(3) You can defer the decision. I like calling this the “cop out” option.*g* Because that’s just how I am. If you pick this one, *I* will pick the two people.

(4) A combination of any of the above.

(5) You can make the decision that NO ONE comes back into the game at this point, that gone is gone and that the people who are still in the competition have earned their spots in the top half so no reason to go messing with it.

Now for the person who received the lowest amount of votes, without being eliminated - sushimustwrite

This is another type of reward entirely.

You’ve seen how much things can switch in a tie, where things are one on one. That’s the power I am giving you. The power to go one on one with the contestant of your choice. You can call out anyone you like.

They CAN declare a bye, and then you would be pretty much gone, so obviously you might want to pick the folk who can’t get out of being challenged… unless of course you want to sacrifice yourself for the sake of making someone use a bye… I doubt it, but hey, who knows what your overall strategy is…*g*

Once you declare your opponent, much like in a tie-breaker scenario, it will be just the two of you in a poll separate from everyone else and only one of you will be walking out of it still alive in the game. Maybe this will be the exposure you need to give you that extra boost, or maybe it will be your curtain call. Either way, it’s your time in the spotlight.

That said, you do have the option of not using the power and just playing things out the way they are in a general vote. But you now have an option.


Both of you can contact me at clauderainsrm@gmail.com to let me know what you want to do.
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Topic 12

Some times there are topics that people love and can’t wait to write. Other times there are topics where people would sooner poke out their own eyes than to answer.

Which kind of topic is this one?

One of those.*g*

It’s time to take that magnifying glass and turn it completely inward again.

Everyone has things about themselves that they absolutely love that make them truly incredible people. In my experience, those are the aspects that tend to get talked about the most. “Tell me why I rock!”, “give yourself a pat on a back”. . . you've heard them more often than naught, especially around LJ.

It’s not so often that you actually get down to the nitty gritty on the things you don’t like so much… and so…

The topic? Your own Most Annoying Personality Trait That's right, what about you drives yourself absolutely crazy!*G*

The deadline to have your entries linked back here is Friday, Feb 1st at noon EST. Good luck, and have fun!
Dear LJ
  • kithan

Voting Questions

There were some questions brought up in the Green Room with regard to voting that I'd like to address.

Most people know this, but just to be clear - even though the "View Answers" part of the poll is defaulted to "None", I can still view the answers because I posted the poll.  I think Gary might be able to as well as a moderator of the community but I haven't had him check.  Anyway - I can check the voters and who they are voting for.

For community only votes:

1. Once you join the community and vote, your vote stays in place even if you leave the community.
2. If you leave and re-join, you do not get to vote again.  You can edit your previous vote, but you don't get to vote twice.

For voting in general:

If you've ever viewed the answers to a poll, you know they are listed in the order they voted.  When you change your vote, your name is moved to the bottom of the list because you are the most recent voter (even if all you did was take a vote away from someone).

Can we tell who changed their votes?  Not to any degree of absolute certainty, no.  We do monitor the voting to make sure things are on the up and up as much as we can.  Unfortunately, some things are out of our hands as far as controls, but we do the best we can.

If you have any questions about voting, please ask them here.

(Also, if anyone noticed the votes from the most recent polls changing a bit tonight, that was me doing some experiments.)