January 26th, 2008

lj idol

Green Room - Week 11 Weekend Edition

Just be careful.

That's my focus of my babbling for this weekend.

First (and I wasn't going to mention this) but kithan discovered, oh a couple hours before the deadline yesterday, that the file was corrupted and had to rebuild our poll pretty much from stratch.

I was actually in the process of setting up a back up plan (elements of which still might show up) when she told me that she was done.

So, before anything else, how about a big round of applause for her because she did an amazing job.


That's something to be careful about - and so is making sure you cite sources when you use someone else's material. I had something in my inbox this morning about a possible blurring of a line in regard to someone claiming work as their own that was not... we dealt with that last season and now I'm a little more prepared for it. I looked at what was said, and how it was used and fortunately there was a clarification that was either added or missed by the person who was questioning it... and all is good.

But be careful. If you use something you didn't write, reference the fact that it's "a poem from so and so" or "such and such song by that group". Just a line somewhere or a footnote. Anything to make sure people don't think you are claiming some sort of credit. It's one of those thin line issues where I would rather not have to trace over with an exacto, but I will if I have to do so. . .


Another part of being careful is seeing where you are in the pack. I look at the numbers and get a bit of a smile on my face, because I see a least 10 people out there who are playing a waiting game. They are letting people ride high in the polls while knowing that they would be capable of sprinting up to the top given the right opportunity. I think that's interesting considering that none of these are what would usually be called "front runners" in the "top 10" or so of names usually mentioned.

Which means there's a good 20 people *right at this moment* who could shake things up at any moment vote wise. This is just BY MY ESTIMATION. Why is that important? Because I'm just as sure that there are people in the remaining 57 that I don't have as careful of an eye on who could do exactly the same.

This is seriously anyone's game at the half-way point, and I couldn't be happier to see it.