January 24th, 2008

lj idol

Green Room - Week 11 - Day 4

Still waiting on receiving an email from n_decisive and controlld_chaos to hear who will be getting the limited immunities that they have to hand out this week.

It did strike me last night though, that they aren't just handing out immunity for one week. They are handing out a guaranteed spot in THE TOP HALF of the game. We are two people away from the half-way point in Idol, so anyone who walks into this vote knowing that there is no way they are going home has made it!

So take a good hard look around, anyone who said "I just want to make it to the half-way point" (and there were a lot of you), you only have to survive this week to have met that goal.


Oh yeah, just throwing this out for the people asking . . . I was going to make you wait, but what the heck - this is the last week for "tribes" and these are the last of the limited immunities that are going to be handed out (for awhile). Something new starts in the top half.*G*