January 14th, 2008

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Results! - Week 9

And so it falls on me to post the results of this week's poll.  I am not nearly as eloquent as clauderainsrm is at these things.

This week we are saying goodbye to the bottom two vote-getters in each tribe.  Keeping in mind that both cheapdestiny and tdarling have immunity, we are going to be saying goodbye to the following people:

Tribe 1:

Tribe 2:


And we have a tie.  There'll be a separate post for the run-off.  I'm going to do things a little differently, and I'll probably get punished for this when he gets back.

To the three people above, it has been a pleasure reading your entries every week.  I hope you stick around in the Green Rooms and play the Home Game.  And sign up next year!
Dear LJ
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(no subject)

So, we have two more items to take care of before I can post the next topic.

First, we have the "prizes" for this week. Once again, we are handing out the Limited Immunity. For those that need a refresher:

Limited immunity. That means that as long as the person who has it posts that week they can not be voted out.

But there's a twist, two of them actually.

LIMITED because it is for 1 week only, in this case it will be in effect for the next vote but no further.

The second twist is that the person who gets it CAN NOT USE IT FOR THEMSELVES. They MUST give it away to someone, or ditch it altogether and then no one gets it. They can also not give it to someone else who has one to give.

The following people have Limited Immunity for Week 10:


And... the person who gets to stay in the following poll will also get the limited immunity!

Poll #1121139 Week 9 Run Off

Vote to keep in your favorite!


For this week, at least, please email both clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm@gmail.com) and myself (hockeykit@gmail.com) with the person you'd like to grant immunity to. Please do so prior to the topic deadline.

Now, we need a deadline for the vote! Let's go with 1pm EST tomorrow, January 15! Vote now! Vote often!
Dear LJ
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Week 10 - Topic

And now for the topic post.

There's been a lot said about what people post in their own LJ and who determines what is "proper" or not.  Or if there really is any need for such a determination on one's personal LJ.  What you might think is appropriate to post might not be the same as someone on your friends list.  There are also cases that might have you considering not posting something because you know how your friends list might react or maybe you are afraid of how they will react.

With that in mind, this week's topic is:

Whose LJ is it anyway? Balancing personal expression and friends-list sensibilities in determining content.

You have from now until 3PM EST on Thursday, January 17th to post!  (Yes, the deadline is different.  Tech support is taking a day off on Friday.)

Ready...  Set...  GO!

(And a gentle reminder that comments go in the Green Room, only topic links are allowed here.)