January 12th, 2008

lj idol

Green Room - Week 9 - The Weekend Edition

Good afternoon!

Oh, and happy birthday to lacombe!


I'm going to babble a bit on the next series of topics. Why? Because it's on my mind and they are a pretty mixed up grouping. Some serious ones, and some navel-gazing, and hopefully a few in there that will be fun.

Ultimately though, that's one of the challenges - and I know that's something people are going to bring up in the next few weeks. "I hate this topic" is going to appear. I know it will. I've said my opinion of that before, but it occurred to me that maybe I need to just say another view on that. Because sometimes topics ARE going to be completely cliched or things you wouldn't want to write about, or worse (in some ways) on things you've talked to death. After all, there have been cases this season already where people have gone out on a limb with one topic that maybe has come up in another one as a more direct thing.

But that, to me at least, is part of the fun. You have things you don't want to write about and your job is to MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO READ THEM. You have to find the angle somewhere buried in there that suits you the best and make it your own. Even when there doesn't seem to be much in the way of wiggle room, and Week 10 comes to mind when I say that, you have to find whatever you can and just do your best. It's part of being a writer, and dare I say, it's part of becoming an "Idol".*G*

So, over the coming weeks, just keep your chins up and when you see a topic you don't like, figure it out. If it's something you literally have no clue about, or how to approach without being lynched in the town square, figure out what you want to say or take a bye. They are there for emergencies after all. I'm sure some folk will be wishing they still had them!*g*

We are so close to having more people behind us than forward, to the point that I'm actually getting a little sad because I'm starting to see some breaks and every week we are saying goodbye to more people. But hopefully we won't actually "lose" them, just not have them in the game. If that makes sense and if I haven't completely babbled my way from one area to another!*g*
It's just what's been on my mind.

SO. . . what's on YOUR mind today?*g*