January 7th, 2008

Dear LJ
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Green Room - Week 9 - Day 1

Gary told me I could post the Green Room since he posted everything else.  Yay me!  :)

Also, I read between the lines of his email and he also said I can have all the bacon.

Welcome to week 9!

To answer a question posted on the topic thread, we're not sure when the next season will begin.  Why?  Because we don't exactly know when this one will end!  :-)  This season will come come to a close, then there is usually a break for a few months to allow me to regain some sanity.  Then we start all over again!  Join the community and watch for the sign up post.  In the meantime, you are more than welcome to play the "Home Game".  We just ask that you comment on the Green Room with a link to your post rather than on the topic post.  That is reserved for current customers only.

On that note, I'm deleting all of the comments on the Topic Thread because comments there are only for entries.  Bring all your comments over here.

Also, bring all your bacon.  :)

EDIT:  Happy Birthday sushimustwrite!
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Eliminations Week 8

It's that time again. Time to say goodbye to some more people as we continue our march on the path to find the NEXT LJ IDOL.

It seems to get tougher every week, and this time is no exception. It was really, really close and I think it will be from here on out.

But the four people leaving us today are:

and toonhead

Sorry to see you guys go and I hope you will continue to stick around!
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The "special powers"

I actually had to spend far longer determining who was going to get these than I thought I would, because there were ties involved. I had intended to give one to each tribe, however the way the tie broke and without a way to break it down further, I've decided to change it a bit from how I was going to do it. Heh, considering you have no idea what I'm talking about I'm sure you don't care.*g* This time was awarded to the lowest number of votes without being voted out and who had the fewest Gold Stars
What is the power?

Limited immunity. That means that as long as the person who has it posts that week they can not be voted out.

But there's a twist, two of them actually.

LIMITED because it is for 1 week only, in this case it will be in effect for the next vote but no further.

The second twist is that the person who gets it CAN NOT USE IT FOR THEMSELVES. They MUST give it away to someone, or ditch it altogether and then no one gets it. They can also not give it to someone else who has one to give.

It seems impractical on the surface, but I'm hoping the more people think about it the more options this will present to you as a player.

Who gets this limited immunity?

wbahner and

Let me know who you want to give it to - you can email me at clauderainsrm@gmail.com BEFORE the deadline for this week's vote.
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Topic Week 9

Here we are at the first topic of the New Year.

So to celebrate that fact, I’m not going to make you wait (or scroll down until you see the words in bold, which is probably what you do anyway.*g*)

The topic is My Scars

Does this mean that I want you to talk about physical scars you have and how you got them? Deep seeded psychological scars? Your obsession with the villain from the Lion King and all the plushies of him that you own?

Maybe. If that’s how you want to take it. It’s your topic. It’s always your topic. Do whatever you need to do with it.

Deadline to link your entry back here is Friday Jan 11th at noon EST. Good luck.