January 4th, 2008

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Slackers! *cracks whip*

The "List of Shame" for Week 8 -


wakiing-up should be on this list, but her LJ appears to have been deleted.  Anyone know anything about this?

Get crackin' people!  The last person I saw posting on the topic before making this list was lilmissmagic71.  Go go go!

Edit: The deadline is Noon EST.  I know that caught a few people last time, so I wanted to make sure y'all knew.
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Gold Stars - Week 8

It's that time again, time to hand out the gold stars for this week. In this case it's actually two weeks worth, and is really becoming more and more difficult as the numbers of spots available continue to drop.

But here they are anyway, some of the folks who I think needed an extra round of applause for Week 8:


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Green Room - "Week 8", Day 5 (part two)

Good morning.

I had a good night watching the caucus, how about you? Not really awake this morning so hopefully I will be when it comes time to write the text for the poll.

The poll... oh yes, the poll goes up today. After two weeks of taking it easy, we go back into the game in a major way.

As promised the polls are not going to be the same. The tribes are not going to be the same, nor based on the same elements that they have been - and yes, there is a "special power" that will be unleashed this week. A minor one that is showing up (in this form) for the first time ever, but it's still coming to potentially impact next week.

It's going to be interesting to see how this "Stage 2" plays itself out. Who wil be standing at the end of it, and who among those will go on to win it all??? Heck, who isn't going to remember to show up this week given the time off? We've never had a break of this length before, so that's going to be interesting to see.

Have a great day and I'll see you later at the polls!
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Week 8 - VOTE!

A few words from clauderainsrm:
Welcome to the voting poll.

When you look at the tribes one thing is going to be obvious – The four tribes are history. There are now two of them instead.

The next thing I’m sure you will want to know is “How did you come up with these two tribes?/What criteria was used?” and at the risk of getting too technical and scientific I put everyone in alphabetical order, and then I divided them into two equal groups. THEN, and here’s the tricky part, I divided THOSE two groups in half, and exchanged one half in Tribe 1 with one group in Tribe 2.

Why? Why not?

So, the question becomes, how many people are we losing this week?

Four. The bottom two from each tribe will be going home.

There will also be two special powers given out at the end of this vote. What are the powers? Not telling. Who gets them? You will find out Monday. No, really, is it the top person from each group? Is it the bottom person who isn’t eliminated from each group? Is it the person in the exact middle in each group? Is it someone else?

You will find out on Monday. Why? Because that’s the reason it’s called "a surprise".

The deadline for this vote is Monday Jan 7th at 1pm EST. after which there will be 4 people who we KNOW will not be eligible to win the first “special powers” of Season 4. Make sure your favorites aren’t among them.

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