January 3rd, 2008

lj idol

Green Room, "Week 8", Day 4 (part two)

One more day to get in your entry!

Also - CAUCUS DAY!!!!!! Heh, sorry, I'm a bit of a politics junkie and I love watching C-Span anyway and the coverage of the Iowa caucus is always a lot of fun. Going over to a friend's house tonight to watch it! (because me = no cable) The Democratic caucus is, in my opinion, the most fun way to vote that the US has. Which, for people who don't live in the US, or most of those not in Iowa, probably means nothing.

But I'll explain it in a way that you don't usually see - people always talk about the Iowa caucus, but by the way they talk about it I never get the impression that they "get it".

So ok... say there are 5 Democrats in a district in a small town in Iowa, you and 4 of your friends. Not that it's the case, but follow my example here ok? The 5 of you go into a room, then you divide yourself up by who you support. Maybe one of you likes Obama, one likes Clinton, ones a fan of Edwards, and ones a Richardson backer and the last one supports Gravel. So you end up standing on seperate sides of the room... no one has the majority of the room. So you start talking to each other. Actually talking to each other trying to convince your friends and neighbors why they should change their minds. Not "debates" but conversations between people on the issues that are important to them! You cut deals, you negotiate. Finally one side ends up with a clear majority depending on who in the room can come up with the best argument.

There's more to it, but that's the basics. I'm sure someone will poke holes in my example, but come on, that's the basics!*g*

The GOP version is a straw poll system that isn't binding on the state party (sort of an electoral college in minature.) So it's not as much fun to watch.

People discussing things in a room with friends and neighbors, where they have to come to a conclusion one way or the other - now THAT is fun (to me at least).


So what are YOU excited about today? (I'm pretty sure that I'm one of the very few people actually excited about the political process. Because I'm a freak that way!)