December 21st, 2007

lj idol

Green Room - Week 7 - Day 5

I was going to wait until after the results and new topic were posted, but I decided to do it now instead.

Why? I had a few minutes and I was thinking about the "light" writers vs the "dark" writers. Sort of like Star Wars with the force I guess... which is what got me thinking about it actually.

I was thinking about complaints about "light" writers (happy folks) doing well in Idol and I realized, man, they couldn't further from the truth!

Final 3s

tinhuviel - She won the very first season and set the tone. She is the Queen of Sith. Very, very little about her could be called "sentimental" or non-snarky.

onyxblue1 - second place season one... heh... light-hearted? hehhehehhehehe... sorry. She's nothing if not forthright. Agree with her or not, like her or not, she will tell you what is on her mind.

quoth_the_maven: third place. See above. Not exactly "Ms. Popularity".

tru2myart - winner season 2. Ok. Yeah she poops rainbows and unicorns.

wikkidpixie - second place, she doesn't. She often used cleavage shots to pimp for votes! Not really "soft spoken" about things.

dissolvdgrl - ok, again, another sweetheart.

welfy - hardly any interaction with the rest of Idol due to schedule. Not all hugs and tears though. Won by being one of the best story tellers I've seen in a long time.

bettybaker - Heh... um... sweet? Sure. At times. If she likes you. Definitely wasn't shy about sharing opinions though!!!*g* Or anything else.

agirlnamedluna - ok, another sweetheart. Talented writer who did well despite having the cards stacked against her FL-wise.

I like the mix there.

Anyway - break's over! Good luck to everyone and I'll see you in a few with the results!!!
lj idol

Topic 8

We are now under 100 contestants. Which means that things are about to get interesting as the field continues to shrink and the competition continues to step up around you.

Do you have whatever it is that it will take to win Season 4? This next year will decide that.

What YOU can decide is what to write for the new topic:

"What the New Year Will Bring"

Predictions? Threats? Hopes? Fears?

Whatever you have, it's time to bring it as Phase 2 of Idol begins!

The deadline to post your link to this entry is FRIDAY JAN 4TH AT NOON EST. That's right, Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year.

remember: comments go in the Green Room. Just post the link to your entries here.