December 18th, 2007

lj idol

Green Room - Week 7 - Day 2

The deadline is coming sooner than usual... Thursday... so make sure to get in your entries at:

and people playing the "HOME GAME" feel free to link your entries here in the Green Room so we don't have too much confusion.


Speaking of confusion, I have been asked a couple times so I'm going to answer a question here.

Is it cool for people to use "multiple journals" to vote?

I've seen it done in the last couple of weeks. It hasn't made a big impact on the results, but it has been there. It's one of those things where I throw out the votes that I, and kithan catch. I'd rather not have to do that... so I'd rather you didn't do it.

There HAS NOT been a case yet this season where it was done by a contestant, it seems more the work of someone's friend wanting to help. I understand that, I would just hate for someone to think that they were safe, and then I have to eliminate them because of throwing out votes.

So just keep in clean, and make sure your friends know that too.


So how are you guys doing today as we are about to hit THE TOP 100!!!!