December 17th, 2007

lj idol

Green Room - Week 7 - Day 1

Note to Da Tribes - jldecker declared a bye that was not reflected on the poll. Just a heads up for whoever thinks "oh, he's going, I don't have to worry"... you do.

How did this happen?

International terrorism.

It can happen to the best of us. If we let this get us down, then the terrorists have won! You don't want the terrorists to win do you? I thought not!!!


In other news, Survivor: China ended last night... no more Survivor until Feb. No Kid Nation (which pulled a major turn around IMO in the last couple of episodes and became worth watching again). We DO have the Amazing Race, so at least there is something to keep me entertained!!

Trust me, you'd rather that I spend my time thinking about reality shows, then thinking about reality shows with my only outlet being YOU!!!!*G*

Anyway, good morning and welcome to a new and EXCITING week.
lj idol

Week 6 results

Another week and another chance to watch those numbers change as people try to keep in their favorites who have found themselves in danger.

A couple of these spots aren't remotely close to where they looked like they were going to be a couple hours ago!

Alas though, we do have to say goodbye to

and last but by no means least

I really hope that the 4 of you stick around to see how this thing unfolds.
lj idol

Week 7 topic

I told you that these topics were going to be "easy". I promised light-hearted because of all the people hoping not to be dragged down during the holiday season.

I wasn't joking.

This week's topic is My Best Friend.

Most people have, at one point or another had a best friend. Maybe you have one now. Maybe you want to have one in the future. Maybe your best friend is... I don't know... you do though, and now it's time for you to talk about your best friend!

You have until Thursday December 20th at noon EST to link your entry back here. Yes, you read that correctly.

Have fun, and good luck.