December 14th, 2007

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Gold Stars Week 6

Is it that time already?

Yep. Apparently it is.

I did something a little different this time around. Not much different, but enough that people might be a little confused... I went back over my lists and decided that although there are folks that I haven't got to yet, there are also people I just can't keep ignoring just because I've already acknowledged them over the last few weeks.

Which means we are now welcoming our very FIRST EVER TWO GOLD STAR WINNERS into our ranks.

Who received Gold Stars this week?

Glad you asked:

Dear LJ
  • kithan

Week 6 - List of Shame

And the list for this week as of 8:34am in Wisconsin (14 degrees and sunny)


For some reason (and it could be that I haven't had any caffiene yet) I think something is wrong with this list.  I'm sure you'll all point it out if there is.  :-)

Now I'm off to get a Pepsi.
Dear LJ
  • kithan

Season 4 Week 6 - VOTE!

A few words from clauderainsrm:
As we near the end of the year, we also near the Top 100. Is it an Urban Legend? Or is it real?

I’m here to tell you, it is indeed a real thing, and it is a strange and wondrous place. But who is going to be a part of it, and who’s journey is about to come to an abrupt end?

Well, that’s what we are here to decide.

If you want your favorites to experience the joy of the TOP 100, you have to get out and vote for them to stay. That’s how this thing works.

You go down each tribe and cast a vote for each and every person you want to see stick around/those who’s entries you have enjoyed. (skipping over the ones marked as “byes” because, as noted, those don’t count.)

Then you hit that submit button and the magic continues!

Voting opens right now and goes until Monday Dec 17 at 1pm EST. The four contestants (one from each tribe) with the least amount of votes will suddenly find themselves eligible to play Home Game! Make sure your favorites don’t end up with that honor!

As we’ve seen the last few weeks, things are getting mighty tight voting wise, so even that one vote could very well make the difference, and no one should consider themselves completely safe! Especially since tribal adjustments have been made again!!!

Good luck!

Tech Support Notes - There may be people who have "bye'd out" on this list. Gary hasn't had a chance to go through them yet and I want to get the poll up so I can eat my lunch. Also, there may be errors because I haven't had time to go over this with a fine tooth comb.

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Green Room Week 6 Day 5

I am bringing a former US Senator on board to come up with a list of LJ Idol contestants who have been found to be using "performance enhancing drugs". Would anyone like to confess???*g*


I just sent the text to kithan a few minutes ago, because I'm an idiot. *nods* Yep. On the other hand I didn't post the Green Room until now on purpose! Why? Because I'm just that sort of guy!!*g*


So by the end of this vote we will be at very least at 107 (if not more, I need to check the "bye outs" list). How does it feel to be SO close to being in the Top 100?!?!


Anyone have fun plans for the weekend?

(note: ran out of time on lunch. Still need to verify the 4 names on the "bye out" list. Will post that later.)
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Week 6 "Bye-out" Eliminations

Well this is a first.

And considering that this season is the first for the byes, that means it is an LJ Idol first as well!

4 people missed the deadline and would have been given an auto-bye.

However, they had already used both of them.

Which means all 4 of them have been eliminated.


have left the building.

They will be missed in the competition, but hopefully they will stick around.

There are currently (and I don't have the sheet open at this point, so this is from memory, which might be faulty) 28 people on the verge on of doing the same! Which means this entire game could shift within a week! You just never know which way things are going to bounce next!

I certainly didn't expect any of these 4 to be out at this point in the game! But you never know...