December 11th, 2007

lj idol

Green Room Week 6 Day 2

Good morning.

Still looking really close in the run-off race.

I've mentioned elsewhere that sometime during the first couple of weeks that I discovered that I had a list in my head of who I thought were going to be in the Top 3. Not just one list, 3 of them. Since then I have mentioned that I came up with a 4th list, none of them repeating any of the same names.

I also mentioned that even though I have never been right this far out about the finalists, and ultimately that I only have 1 vote, that I wasn't going to be mentioning who those people were, because I didn't want to influence people for or against them. It was more a gut feeling than anything else after all.

I did however promise that as they were eliminated, and I was proved wrong, that I would point out that I had been wrong.

That means today I'm here telling you that with oh_simple_thing's withdrawal, I was wrong about one of the very first Top 3 list that I made.

Really sorry to see her go.

But that does open up a spot for one of the rest of you to move up, in an abstract, probably incorrect, virtual list located in my head!!!*G*

So how are you guys doing today?
lj idol

Run off Results

Well, I've had to do this 3 times now, and each time doesn't make it any easier.

Who is going?

The only person in Season 4 who was playing his third season making him the most experienced player in the game.

The only player, to my knowledge, who was credited as being one of the most influential modern philosophers in the acknowledgements a book about that subject.

The only player, again to the best of my knowledge, in the history of Idol, ever to finish his Masters degree and get voted out at the same time!

One of my oldest friends and one hell of a writer, even if he does always seem to get taken out when he decides to enter a poem as an entry... third time= trend?*g*

It's always hard to eliminate someone, but sometimes it's difficult on several levels. On the plus side, he did get further, statistically, than he's gotten before!*G*

Goodbye to mezzominty.