December 7th, 2007

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Gold Stars - Week 5

What time is it?

Oh that's right, it's Gold Star time!

Once again, there are a ton of people that I could give them to, and people who have gotten bumped during previous weeks that I want to make sure don't get bumped again, which of course in turn bumps someone else!*g*

Anyway, who is getting the nod from me this week?

Well, none other than...


lj idol

Green Room - Week 5 - Day 5

Good morning.

Today is the day huh? The day that I've been hinting at the for the last week or so, and have set in motion several weeks back.

Make sure to get in your entries, or bye declarations, to the topic thread.

If you have a moment while you are waiting, you might want to sign up for that unofficial holiday card exchange for Idol folks if exchanging holiday cards of any type are your thing:

Or, you might want to just find a nice soft chair that you can sit in when the poll comes out... for TRIBES OF TWO PEOPLE EACH!!!

heh, not really. But it was worth it just to see some of your faces just now.

Anyone have any interesting weekend plans?
Dear LJ
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Week 5 - List of Shame

I do feel a little bad calling it a List of Shame, but you all seem to have fun with it, so I'll go with it.  :-)


I had a moment of panic on some of these names thinking that you'd posted and I just missed it.  Hopefully I'm just tired and thinking back to having to re-do the poll tables per clauderainsrm's evil instructions.  ;-)

So get crackin' on those posts!  Don't make me come over there.
Dear LJ
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Week Five - Vote!

A few words from clauderainsrm:
This week was “Sexual Ethics” and boy oh boy did we have some fun with this topic!! Well, ok, I had some fun. I can’t speak for the rest of you.

Some really incredible entries out there this time, which means the voting should be interesting.

Could it get MORE interesting? Oh you bet it could!

How about 4 TRIBES instead of 3? How about we throw out the whole division by size of friends lists and get down to division according to performance voting wise over the last week and a half… yes, I said “and a half”… which is what created the “x-factor” that no one could predict, when exactly I was going to take the snapshot of the numbers from last week’s poll!

We are sending 4 people home this week, the person with the least amount of votes in each tribe. Which means that “safety zone” a lot of people thought they were in has just turned out to be located directly over a trap door!

Some were moved up from their last tribal position. Some were moved down, which included a lot of the people who have used up their byes… meaning week to week Tribe 1 is in severe danger of shrinking fast! It also means we will be saying goodbye to people in Tribe 4 – people that no one expected to be going for a really, really long time. That was the part that I said was going be a heart breaker for me because pretty much every single member of that tribe is extremely high profile in the community!

As always you can vote for as many, or few people as you like in each tribe. The only way your favorites are going to stay in this game is if you support them! The deadline for voting is Monday December 10th at 1pm EST.

Anyway. So here we are. We have your entries. We have your tribes set. You have your deadline. Now all we need is to say

You can haz voting now.

Good luck.

Tech Support Note - I sacrificed my lunch for this.

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Bye Out Elimination

1 bye out and two withdrawals...

Today we say goodbye to fan favorites dizzydog who used his last bye and missed this deadline and the two people leaving on their own accord due to that thing we call life oberonia and justthere.

I really hope that the three of you stick around here in the Green Room, and heck if you were to play the Home Game whenever you have the time I'm sure you'd find quite a few readers!

Take care guys.

and with that we are down to 120...