November 30th, 2007

lj idol

Gold Stars - Week 4

As I've been saying, every week this gets a little harder, and the more our numbers shrink, the fewer spots I have to give out to someone.

Looking over the list again I realized that there were still quite a few folks that I hadn't recognized, that I should be, so hopefully I'll be able to get to you over the next couple of weeks!!!

I'm trying to point out some folks who might get missed in the pile, but who have really stepped up over the last few weeks and deserve to have people pointing and staring (at their Gold Star of course!*g*)

So without further ado...


Ok, with one further ado, but no more, here's this week's Gold Star Winners

lj idol

Green Room Week 4 Day 5

Good morning.

So how are you doing?

Everyone get their entries in or declare their byes (although considering some of the upcoming topics,including next weeks, and the rapidly approaching holidays, you might want to save them.*g*)?

Have any interesting plans for the weekend or just sitting in front of the computer watching as the votes come in?*G*
Dear LJ
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The List of Shame

Dear LJ
  • kithan

Week 4 Voting!

A few words from clauderainsrm:
Just about a month ago we came together to find out who become the NEXT LJ IDOL. and of course to give me cookies. Both of which are very worthy endeavors.

As we inch and/or leap toward the Top 125 the competition is starting to heat up. Anyone seeing the ties last week and the run offs decided by – at most – 2 votes can attest to that. The top spot vote wise in Tribe 3 last week even changed hands! Clearly anything can, and will happen at any given week!

So it becomes even more important to make sure you are supporting the people who want to see continue in this competition.

This week the contestants were asked to find an article on a current event and blog about it. Not an uncommon thing to see in someone’s LJ. But here and now, you – the voter – have the opportunity to do that uncommon thing, decide who is going to remain a Current Event in LJ Idol, and who is not.

The person with the lowest votes in each tribe will be eliminated.

Voting opens now and ends Monday at 1:00pm EST.

Good luck to you all.

Tech Support Note: chather has a Bye Week, not an entry. My html skills are a fail today. I need cheetos.

Tech Support Continues To Fail: leinahtane also has a Bye Week. Still need cheetos.

Tech Support will be fired soon: free_vigilante also has a Bye Week. I am going to get cheetos now.

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"Bye outs" Week 4

Once again we have a few folks who have unfortunately used up their last bye and not posted again for this round - or in one case missing two weeks without declaring at least one.

Looking at the list of people with 0 byes left, or 1, there are quite a few people coming really close to doing this themselves.

The 4 being eliminated this week are:


Awfully sorry to be seeing these folks go. A lot of talent on that list. But again, these sorts of bounces are why we play the game - to see what happens. Ultimately sometimes life just gets in the way. Hopefully they will continue to stick around these parts and that everything is ok with them.

The poll will be up soon, but kithan wanted to go ahead and make sure those eliminated were removed first and it took me awhile to get to lunch and handle the confirmation process. Sorry for the delay.