November 20th, 2007

lj idol

Green Room Week 3 Day 2

*yawn* Good morning.

I've been having the strangest dreams the last couple of mornings.

Dreaming about Idol is nothing new of course, I usually go to bed playing out various scenarios regardless. But the last couple of days are the first when I started the whole "half asleep dreams".

You know that moment before you are actually awake? You know you have to get up soon, but most of you is asleep.

I use my old cell phone as my alarm clock and lately, starting about 15 minutes before the first alarm goes off (and I hit snooze) the past couple mornings I have been "receiving text messages" from various players tipping me off to the Central American Government who LJ had farmed out their poll running capabilities to and how the votes were somehow being tied into the drug and human slave trade. I would receive these text messages, but whenever I would try to text them back I'd get a message saying everything was ok from someone who's number just said "Central America" (as if that were a country).

Of course since it's my OLD cell phone I can't get text messages on it, it's not connected. Much less be able to send any to these whistleblowers (who only used their LJ names, but were supposedly contestants).

This cycle tends to continue even as I hit "snooze", which I recall this morning I somehow thought was going to "reset the poll". Somewhere in the haze I manage to get up the rest of the way and shake my head out of whatever was left over as I convince myself that it didn't actually happen.

But to those contestants out there who have vanished due to being picked off one by one by a Central American/Six Apart cabal, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

So how has YOUR day been going so far?