November 16th, 2007

lj idol

Gold Star - Week 2

Good morning.

Week 2 and this gets harder every week because I know just how many people I move around and how many people were on this week's list who were bumped to next week, and how many on this week have been bumped in the past.

This is also the last week of 15. So that should just make it even more interesting to pick!!

Who would I like to recognize this week for doing what they can to make this community a better place?

Well, since you asked:

1. adpaz
2. puppetmaker40
3. forceworks
4. commodity_sign
5. browneyedgirl65
6. hopefulnebula
8. twystedpixie
9. bleuunicorn
10. n_decisive
11. angstzeit
12. awallens
13. minikin
14. elva_undine
15. lttledvl
Dear LJ
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People Yet To Post for Week 2!

The list as of 8:03am central...


The clock is ticking!

(If you did post and I missed it, please point it out here.  Do NOT, however, post your topic links here.  Those go on the topic thread here.)

Dear LJ
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A few words from clauderainsrm:
Week two and we are already shaking things out in the competition. Real life is showing up on people’s doorsteps and not even bothering to knock.

A ton of byes were used this week. How will that impact the voting this week? How will that impact their staying in the game with only one bye left. What of the people who have used up their byes?

But that’s speculation for later. Right now we have one task in front of us. Voting for our favorite entries from this week – and wow there were a lot of them.

Words that made us cry. Some that made us laugh. All of them took us out of ourselves for just a moment. Which ones deserve your votes? Well that’s for you to decide.

Some of you will notice that 20 people were moved from their original tribes. This was completely performance based. No one was moved more than one step up, and no one was moved who did not receive at least mid-range vote consistent with the numbers received in their new tribe. Looking to raise the bar here and keep things competitive.

The power is in your hands, to decide who’s dream is about to end right here and now, and who is moving forward one more step toward becoming the next LJ Idol.

Let’s find out what is going to shake out in the vote.

You can vote for as many, or few, people who want in each tribe. Remember, if you want to keep your favorites in this game, you have to make sure vote for them!! The contestant with the lowest amount of votes in each tribe will be eliminated, for a total of three going home this week.

Voting starts now and ends on Monday Nov 19th at 1:00 pm EST. Good luck to everyone.

Tech Support Note: fandangledsky = cheapdestiny. I forgot to change it. My bad.

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lj idol

Death by Bye...

I knew that the "two bye" system, where you had to declare you were using one of them would get people. I didn't expect 6 in week 2. But *shrug* what can you do?

The following folks have been eliminated for missing two entries:


Hopefully they are doing well.

Of interest to the rest of you - CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE JUST MADE THE TOP 145144!*g*

edit to correct eliminations. I knew that didn't sound right, that there was one more, and sure enough there was!

In some ways you think "144" and go "wow, that's a long time to go" - and it is. Not going to lie about that. However, it is also week 2 and you have outlasted *10 people*!!! Plus 3 more fall this week in the poll, and there are 2 people with only 0 byes left, and um, a bunch with only one. So you should really feel good about having made it to this point.