November 12th, 2007

lj idol

Results - and our first run off!

What an exciting first week vote!!!

Unfortunately though, we do have to say goodbye to 3 of you.

The first two are celrock and deuceloosely!!! I was surprised to see that to be honest.

The third? Well, that is a three way tie!!

Which means we go to Gold Stars. None of the 3 have one.

So we go to a 24 hour run off.

The poll opens now and will go until Nov 13 at 1pm EST. Whoever has the least amount of votes at that point will go home. Go remember to vote to keep in your favorites!!

Poll #1087325 Run Off

Vote for your favorites to stay!

lj idol


While we wait to see who the 3rd elimination of the week will be, the rest of you are moving on to the next topic.

The new topic is a little more straight forward than the last, although hopefully it has as much "give" to it so you can make it your own.

The topic is: What terrifies me.

The deadline is Friday at Noon EST. Remember to link here as a reply to this post by that time. I'll be posting the Green Room in a few minutes for your comments, so try to keep this thread free of anything but the actual entry links.

As usual, if you are going to use a bye, also post that here.

Good luck to all of you - and have fun!!