November 8th, 2007

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Week 1 Green Room - Day 4

One more day to get in your entry!!!

I ended up thinking a lot about the competition last night, and found myself mentally going back to the early rounds of Season 2 and Season 3 and comparing them. There were so many "slow starts" in those bunches, and based on some of my reading, there are going to be slow starts in this group as well. People who you read and don't immediately go "wow!" Sure, there are a LOT of people who will get that reaction, but given the sheer amount of people involved, there are going to be plenty of the other group as well.

I was thinking about how many of the "slow starters" got further in the competition than people would have given them a chance to get early on, because they stuck with it and most importantly, they started to find their "voice" and were putting out some of the best stuff they had ever done.

I guess what I wanted to say this morning is if that is you, if you look at your entry and go "wow, I can't hang/I'm doomed" then just take a moment to relax, have some fun and see what you can come up with next week. Because every topic is going to be someone's cakewalk and someone else's mine field.

If it's not you, and you see someone you think is struggling, just take a moment to be encouraging. Yes, it's a competition so maybe you'd rather them fall to the wayside to make way for your overwhelming victory.*g* But even a little tips, or simple leading by example of showing them what you believe a good entry looks like, that can make the world of difference (and ultimately help because hey, who wouldn't vote for someone who's been nice to them!*g*)
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Since not all of you can see my LJ, I just wanted to post my thank you here as well to the person who supplied me with a Paid LJ.

No more ads!  Woo!  Thanks!

Also, thanks to bigferret for my new Idol icons.  :)
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