November 7th, 2007

lj idol

Week 1 Green Room - Day 3

Good morning.

As I was reading through the topic 1 posts last night before going home something occurred to me. I had held my tongue a bit in the Topic 0 posts just because, well, anyone could make a lucky shot. But now that I've seen two posts from most of you it's got to be said - this is going to be a TOUGH season.

Not that there haven't been a LOT of really, really talented people in past seasons. My god there have been! But reading the entries, I literally have no idea who is going to win. My "favorites" list is a good 75-80% of what I've read so far. It's going to be interesting to see how this thing shakes out.

Remember to post your topics at: before this Friday Nov 9th at noon EST.

So what is on your agenda for today?
lj idol

A Special Thank you

to bigferret who isn't even involved with the competition in any way. However she did modify all of our old banners, and came up with - from what I hear - some neat new ones as well.

I didn't realize (or I forgot) that she had already sent in the "Season 4 contestant" when I asked sypdielives if she would make one!

So a lot of the stuff you will be seeing in the near future is the work of bigferret!

*thunks self on head*

While I am at it a special thank you as well to hilhilbean who made the original icon, helenangel who made a bunch of the original templates and onxyblue1 who did, well, a hell of a lot.