November 3rd, 2007

lj idol

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There are 154 contestants of LJ Idol. 3 of them I had to make an executive call on, since they missed the actual sign up sheet... but I decided to let them play because they all submitted Topic 0 entries which told me they were interested, they just missed a detail. So when you are sitting there wondering "man, why wasn't this thing over 3 people ago", you can look back at this and curse my name! Why ok, you will most likely be cursing my name anyway, but hey, it will be a NEW REASON!!!*G*

Who are these folks? Well, here's a list:

If you don't see your name and it SHOULD be on there, let me know. If you see your name and it *shouldn't* be on there, let me know that too!*g*

Take a good hard look at these names though, one of them is The NEXT LJ IDOL!!!!

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