October 24th, 2007

lj idol

Pre-show Green Room 2: Countdown...

There will be something MAJOR announced on this coming Monday so make sure to set your sun dials!


As of my last count, we had 73 people signed up for this season - 1 more than was here last season. We've officially set a new record, and there are still a bunch more folks who have stated an interest. It's going to be interesting to see where this ends up number wise and what sort of impact that has on the game. On top of the journal writing aspect, this is a VERY social based game (you know, being based in a social networking community!) so that sort of bunching of folk is going to be fascinating - especially as the numbers start to dwindle.

So who brought the food this morning? I'm starving...

Oh yeah, I guess I did... I picked up a little something on my way in to work. Dig in - and have a great day!
Dear LJ
  • kithan

A Message to LJ Idol from tru2myart


I wanted to take a moment and welcome all the new competitors to LJ Idol as well as welcoming back some of the seasoned vets. 
I truly enjoyed participating in Idol.  I'm not the best writer but the contest gave me an opportunity to put my heart and soul into what I was writing and to open myself up to LJ in general.  When I started Season 2 I had under 15 friends, afterwards I had over 100.  I met some wonderful people, some of whom have become my dearest friends and I tell you in all sincerity that it was a fantastic experience for me.  I continue to read every season and I find that I pick up a few more people each time.  The amount of talent that joins each round astounds me.  I've read entries that have made me laugh and some that have left me in tears.
I'm not technically allowed to participate anymore but I will be playing the "Home Game" in some public entries on my own journal and I'll be pimping the vote.  And of course I'll be voting for my favorites. 
Good luck to all of you, I'm looking forward to reading your entries and to getting to know as many of you as I can. 
Nope, Gary didn't pay me to say it.  And, because it's been brought up for reasons that I'm still trying to figure out, I'm a girl and I don't have a mustache or nose hairs (if I do, noone who sees them lives long enough to tell about it.  :D).