July 20th, 2007

lj idol

Introducing the newest Idol...

She missed the very first deadline but wrote the entry anyway.

She held the title of the highest vote-getter (until a few weeks ago at any rate) and yet she was vulnerable quite a few times during the course of the game. Folks could have taken her out - and didn't. Why? Because people liked her. They respected her and her talent.

And boy is she talented! She tells an amazing story...

and she continues to trend of a woman with a user name in the last half of the alphabet winning (although the first non-"t" and I don't happen to know how old she is, so I don't know about the "woman in her 30's" bit - she may have broken that one.)

Ladies and Gentlemen - boys and girls - children of all ages, people standing in line waiting for the new Harry Potter book and assorted riff-riff it is with great pleasure that I give you



Congratulations to a woman who defied the odds and proved that you *can* play a straight up, hard fought game for 6 months without flying under the radar and never giving up an inch of integrity!


Well, that's it for this season.

It's been an amazing season, filled with some really big personalities and some breath-taking writing. Thank you to all who participated, and a special thanks to everyone who came out to vote, to support your favorites, and especially who took part in our Green Room talk. I know that there were a lot of really good friendships formed during the course of this, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they continue to grow - and how the contestants themselves continue to grow now that the season has ended.

Stick around for the Wrap Party, scheduled to start soon... but until next time...

lj idol

THE WRAP PARTY/Festival O' Friending

Did you see what an incredible performance those 3 ladies put in??? Seriously! Well done all of you!!!!

At one point it looked like welfy was actually going to be 3rd, but she still managed to pull it off - and then it looked like the other two might be blown out of the water, but they managed to get right back there in the fight - all beating what up until a couple weeks ago had been the record!!

But I digress... this is the Wrap Party/Festival o'friending! A chance to meet and greet your favorite contestants and maybe meet a few faces you could be seeing in Season 4! It's a chance to make new friends, and really, when you get right down to it, isn't that what all of this has *really* been about anyway? (well, other than keeping me amused and off the streets!*g*)

So go ahead and say hi! You never know, the person you meet today might be the one who casts the vote to make YOU the NEXT LJ Idol!!!