July 3rd, 2007

lj idol

results and explanation for the results


Sit down.

This one might take some explaining.

Hopefully I will be able to accomplish that without too much confusion.

There were quite a few "new accounts" used this round. They were found. Those votes were discarded.
Which means the numbers you see aren't the numbers since you can't just throw out poll votes on LJ.

spydielives, as the winner of the Spirit award given by her fellow contestants,had 30 votes to use, she used 22 of them - the minimum amount needed to save herself and trysola from elimination. She has 8 remaining.

Which means the numbers you see aren't the numbers.

The two people being eliminated this week, after all the figuring, adding, subtracting and otherwise slamming my head against the wall crunching numbers are oberonia and shannihilation, two remarkable writers (and people in general) who will be missed in this competition.

Neither were early picks to make it this far - and they both did themselves quite proud.
lj idol

new topic - and the pace quickens...

There is no rest in the life of an LJ Idol. The mall tours, the bookstore signings, the "meet and greets" with industry reps, cutting the grand opening ribbons at super markets, the constant clamoring of fans showing up at all hours outside your house and/or hotel room just to get a glimpse of you. The press hounding your every movement to get a candid photo. . . if you survive the next couple of weeks you will be ready for all that and more.

Deadlines will be short in comparison to earlier rounds. The pace will intensify and quicken to the point where you just fall to the ground screaming. (ok, probably not, but hey, it MIGHT!*G*)

This week is the last of the OPEN TOPICs. Which means you can write whatever you want to write about - keeping in mind that this is your shot to the TOP 5.

72 started this journey. 6 of you are left.

1 will go home this week. . .unless more than that miss the deadline and then.. well, we'll see. . .

The deadline is Thursday July 5th at 4pm EST (gmt -4). Which is a little over 48 hours to write whatever you want to write and link it back here. Good luck!
lj idol

Green Room

To answer a couple questions I KNOW are out there. . . yes, we ARE keeping a careful eye on the voting. As difficult as it is to penalize someone for other people creating accounts to vote for them, I also can't let those votes stand. The contestants made that quite clear early on where they stood on that issue, and that rule was implimented per their wishes.

and yes, I know when the 4th of July is... I also know that I haven't given off a single holiday to a certain "damn foreigner" in our midst who obviously won't be celebrating the 4th as anything but the day after the 3rd. Granted, she's just a foreigner, but considering that the pace was going to be like this regardless of the date it fell, *and* it's an open topic, meaning that anyone had two days to throw something decent together completely on their own, I figured it was fair.

So what's going on with the rest of you?