June 25th, 2007

lj idol

Your Topic

Another "interesting" week. But that's part of of LJ I guess.

Which means it's one more factor to get by and deal with as it happens, for everyone involved.

With oceansedge's unexpected drop from the competition, someone just dodged a major bullet! Hopefully everyone will breathe a sigh of relief and just make sure they are never in that position again!

We are currently at 8. Next time we meet here for a topic, we will be at 6. This is the last of the double eliminations.

To celebrate that fact, I'm bringing out an oldie but goody topic. One of those "fun" things to hopefully make things a bit easier. Or maybe not.*g*

The topic: My Second Chance. Find an entry that you've done over the course of the season. I know you've knocked some of them out of the park. I also know that some of them you didn't do as well as you wanted to do - or maybe you picked topic 1 when you wanted to pick topic 2. I don't know. . . but I'm sure YOU do. . . go back through the archives and find a topic that you want to write on, heck, use one from ANY season!, indicate the original week it was used and then have fun!

I've emailed all the contestants about this - but just in case they don't see it...

So I'm throwing in a twist.... pick *2* of those old topics and the NEW DEADLINE TO LINK BACK HERE is 1pm EST (gmt-4) Monday July 2nd
lj idol

Green Room

So how are you guys doing?

(and btw - answer to a question I asked many weeks ago: can a guy win Season 3? Answer: No. The LJ Sisterhood will be taking another season!!*g* But the question is "WHICH ONE?"