June 20th, 2007

Dear LJ
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Just under 5 hours until deadline and only two entries left to be posted!


Also, as a side note, it might take a bit for the poll to be posted since it's my first one, I might need to play with it first in case I've done something wrong.

So no yelling at me!  Until next week.  :-)
Dear LJ
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A few words from clauderainsrm:
Here we are - the TOP TEN, and we're about to become 8.

This week was focused on team work, two contestants forced together to complete a simple objective, divide up the two topics and have the fate of the other riding on their ability to pull off the task. One of them got to do the "easy" one - to talk about their Happy Place. the other had to make a topic that has been pretty much beaten to death on LJ into something interesting, something worth reading.

It's going to be the strength of these two entries - added together - that is going to decide which TEAM will be going home this week.

Teams are as follows:
bettybaker and spydielives
agirlnamedluna and oberonia
shannihilation and welfy
oceansedge and jesterstear
tryslora and twirlandswirl

Who executed the best? Who didn't quite measure up to the rest?

Did your favorite pick the right partner?

That's what YOU, the voter, are about to tell us!

The bottom 2 are going home this week - and the remaining 8 will continue to battle it out to see which one of them becomes the next LJ IDOL!

Voting starts now and continues until Friday 4pm EST (gmt-4) Good luck!

Poll #1006720 LJ Idol, Season Three, Week Twenty

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