June 15th, 2007

lj idol

award, TOPICS and did I mention a surprise???

Wow. It was a close one for THE SPIRIT OF LJ IDOL award this season, with *5* of the 10 of you getting votes!

But in the end, the winner was spydielives, who is now making a HUGE choice that will have a major impact on this game.

While we wait though,I'll spring the rest of the surprises on you.

There are *2* topics this week. You only have to write one. Your partner has to the write the other.


Go back and read that.


This is an INTERSECTION. You must pick one of your fellow contestants and partner up with them. One of you will write one topic, the other one will handle the other. Your scores will be added together come voting time to determine which TEAM will be eliminated. How many teams? Well, that's in spydielives's hands right now as well. If she goes one way, one team. If she goes the other - two. It's still up in the air.

Now we're really going to test how well you have played this game socially!! Obviously the two of you will have to AGREE to become partners, you can't find one on your own - you will be stuck with whoever is left and no one wants that!*g*

Here are the topics:

1. "My Happy Place"
2. "Is it Six Apart or Do We all Hang Together? Balancing Protecting the Community and Individual Speech and how it impacts me"
(which is of course sparked by the recent actions of Six Apart/LJ but can go in so many other directions as well.)

You have until Wednesday June 20th at 1pm EST (gmt-4) to link your entry back here, and announce who your partner is in the same post.

Have fun - and good luck!!!