June 11th, 2007


Season Three, Week Nineteen

A few words from clauderainsrm:
The time for the judges is over. Now the power is back in the hands of the voters!

Do you agree with their picks? Disagree? Was YOUR favorite passed over to be saved?

Now is your chance to make things right!!

There are nine contestants on this ballot. At the end of voting FOUR OF THEM will have their amazing runs cut short. YOU can keep them in this contest. YOU have the power to make sure that they become the next LJ Idol... or end up leaving us this week. It's all up to you!!

Voting starts now and continues until Thursday June 14th at 3pm EST. (gmt-4)

We have half of our TOP TEN - now it is time for our voters - it's time for YOU - to tell us who will make up the other half!!!

Poll #1001274 LJ Idol, Season Three, Week Nineteen

The Ballot:

lj idol


Two judges were unable to get their picks in on time - which put the pressure back on the remaining 3.

Before I announce the 5 of you who will be moving on the TOP 10 automatically let me first thank the judges. You did a marvelous job and should be very proud of yourself. (and as a side note, hopefully you see now why I don't have judges every week.*g*)

I also want to explain the process. I gave the judges an impossible task. They were to read all the entries, post their comments and get back to me with their 1st and 2nd choices. Tthe second choice was to avoid duplication. There was none. All 3 judges chose a different person as being the BEST of the week.

Which means 3 of you went through on FIRST BALLOT as having one of the judges pick you as the week's best entry.

The other two were going to be picked by the remaining judges, but since they weren't - I sent the 3 back through to pick a total of 5 of the best - and then selected the 2 names most mentioned as top 5... and thankfully for me, only two names WERE mentioned more than once!!!
Which should show you just how tough, and subjective, this sort of thing is. . . EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU had a really good week. You ALL should be very proud of yourselves to have made it to this point. Unfortunately we are about to say goodbye to 5 of you...

Before we get to that though, the 5 who will NOT be on the ballot - who make up 1/2 of our TOP TEN are (in alphabetical order)