May 25th, 2007


(Posting for clauderainsrm)

The First LJ IDOL TOUR has come to the end of the road after a spectactular adventure.
Unfortunately the same can be said for three of you as well.


have all been eliminated this round. It was touch and go there for a awhile, heck it was touch and go if this round was even going to HAPPEN. But I decided it was going to. . . and so here we are.


It's good to be back, and it's even better for things to be back to normal around here. Or at least headed that way. *G*
Following every great adventure is a period of reflection or just plain old fashioned crashing... and THAT is our topic for this week!

Crashing - as always, take it wherever it is you need to take it!

The deadline to link your post back here is Wed May 30 at 3 pm EST (GMT -4)

Good luck - and have fun!