May 22nd, 2007


Reminder time

Entries for this week's topic, "MY GREATEST ADVENTURE," are due in twenty-six hours, here. As of right now, a whopping six people have posted their entries. That leaves fifteen of you trying to beat twirlandswirl at the Last Person Posting game!

A couple of months ago, this list wouldn't have seemed so large, but now, it's almost three-quarters of the contestants!

1. agirlnamedluna
2. beldar
3. brandedeclipse
4. dydan
5. imafarmgirl
6. jesterstear
7. kithan
8. marjory
9. mysticpenguin
10. oceansedge
11. rebellibrarian
12. shannihilation
13. twirlandswirl
14. tryslora
15. wbahner
16. welfy