May 17th, 2007

lj idol

The triple elimination and the new topic

It's that time again - the worst part of the job.

We had two topics this time around, with the votes being combined. The results were closer than I thought they were going to be, both for the top *and* the bottom.

The 3 folks with the lowest vote totals were:


So unfortunately we must say goodbye to them. I hope you guys stick around though! Really glad to have gotten the chance to meet you. Well, except Jill, I knew her already!*g*


Now it's time for one of my FAVORITE parts of the game, giving out the new topic!!

Given that tomorrow kicks off the FIRST LJ IDOL TOUR it's probably not going to surprise anyone what the topic for this week is:

MY GREATEST ADVENTURE At this point I shouldn't have to say to make the topic your own, but just in case, remember to have fun!*g*

The deadline to link your entries back here is Wednesday May 23rd at 1pm EST (gmt -4) - thanks oceansedge


newsong has suggested that the FAQ (which is actually currently a collection of entries, rather than a single, cohesive piece, and I just updated the link on the profile to go to the tag page, rather than the initial FAQ entry) may not be complete. I must say that I am shocked, Rick, shocked to find that there are people out there who can't read clauderainsrm's mind!*

So, while you're waiting for entries for this week, and hanging out in the Green Room, if you come up with questions you don't think have been adequately addressed, ask them here. Also, if there's something you think has been addressed, just maybe in the comments to another post somewhere and so not added to the FAQ tag page, mention it here.


*Please don't make me tell you why you should be laughing at that. It's really funny. Trust me.