May 9th, 2007

lj idol


I was up all night wondering "could I hit them with ANOTHER twist? Could I? Should I?" But then I went into the Green Room and saw that tryslora said that she LOVED twists, so I decided to go for it!*g*

You have a second topic to work on.

That topic, true to form of picking a holiday and following through with it is Mother.

You have one/had one/are one/ are going to be one/never want to be one/know someone who has one/know a song with that name/know a band with the word in it/know one bad mutha. . . so I'm sure you have a thought or three on the subject.

The deadline for this topic is Tuesday May 15th at 1pm EST.

The results of BOTH elimination polls will be added together, and the *3* with the lowest COMBINED TOTALS will be eliminated!

Good luck!