May 8th, 2007

lj idol


So here you are, the TOP 25.

zebrapix has, unfortunately, resigned due to personal reasons. Which is a loss to the contest, but an opportunity for the rest of you!

Sorry that I was gone yesterday, I was on bed rest since Friday after some dental surgery. But I'm back now and you are one person away from the same place the people in Season 2 were on Day 1! Heh, yeah, I thought that would make a few faces drop!*g*

Yet another of the front runners has dropped now - which should show the rest of you that this truly is a marathon. It is still very much anyone's game. The special powers are gone - for now, and what is left is how much you want to stay in the competition.

Now for the topic. I had a few different things in mind for this point, but it came sooner than I was expecting it, so I'm going with the first thought of the day.

It's another navel-gazing topic, that some of you will no doubt have fun with.

Most of us have dealt with them - heck, some of us have *been* them from time to time (if the definition is kept to going somewhere knowing that you will be stirring things up/causing trouble in someone else's personal space) - trolls.

At least that's the intent of this week's topic of: "Who's that Trip Trapping Over My LJ?"

Deadline is Friday May 11th at 1pm EST Have fun.