April 30th, 2007

lj idol

Results and new topic

Things are definitely stepping up in pace voting wise... with each week being a tougher and tougher fight just to stay alive! Last week, we ended up with a 5 way run-off - the bottom two of which were:

nonabloch and swirvel42.

I had hoped to see both of them around for awhile longer - but unfortunately when you get to this point in the game, it's always someone you really like that will be going.


For the rest of you though, you have been waiting all weekend, wondering why I had given you some time off... and more importantly, what I was going to unleash on you *THIS* week.

The topic this week is the hopeless vague, but filled with all kinds of fun possibilities:


The deadline to link your entries back here is Thursday May 3rd at 5pm EST (gmt -4)

So have fun and good luck!!
lj idol

I stand corrected!

When I mess up, I like to let people know that I've messed up.

Apparently this lovely LJ Idol icon was created by hilhilbean our original technical advisor and the person who actually put this community together, NOT helenangel who has made many, many lovely icons and banners for us.

It probably has to due with me being an idiot that I got things confused!*G*