April 25th, 2007


Season Three, Week Fourteen, Members Only Voting

The contestants have had their say about who their favorite LJ user is . . . now it's YOUR turn.

Some of them embraced the topic, or turned it on its head. Some ran as fast as they could.*g* Some even mentioned ME!!!

Now is your time to cast a vote for YOUR favorite LJ Idol contestants!!! Read the entries and make your picks! The only way they are going to stay in, is for you to vote for them. This week is a double elimination, so unless you get out the vote, two of your favorites could be saying goodbye this week!

Just to make this interesting . . . this is a "friends only" poll. That's right — you have to belong to the community to vote this time around!

I do that every so often, mostly because I'm . . . well . . . me!*g*

Voting starts now and will be open until Friday April 27th at 4pm EST (gmt -4) !

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