April 24th, 2007


And the countdown's on

Entries for this week's topic, "My Favorite LJ User — and Why," are due tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST (GMT-4) here. So far, less than half of the entries are posted!

Again, I am very busy at work, and won't likely have time to cross people off the list, but as long as you make sure you've posted your entry on the entry post, you should be fine. Just remember, being one of the last people to get their entry in last week unfortunately didn't work for dizzydog, so don't count on it working in your favor!

1. agirlnamedluna
2. beldar
3. brandedeclipse
4. controlld_chaos
5. dydan
6. jesterstear
7. kithan
8. marjory
9. nonabloch
10. oberonia
11. rebellibrarian
12. shannihilation
13. strangestgirl
14. the_dark_snack
15. twirlandswirl
16. welfy
17. zebrapix