April 20th, 2007

lj idol

Results- and the new topic

Week 13 was not a good one for 3 of all contestants.

All three of them have been impressive this season, and all three will be missed!

For whatever reason though, they dropped off the bottom of the votes this week, and so we say goodbye to jenelycam, dizzydog and from our Sudden Death face off, the newest victim of the Idol Sisterhood, evansmj.


This also means that we have officially hit "30". 5 people to go before the 'TOP 25' when all the immunities and nullifers will be reduced to the worth of the lack of paper they are printed on!!

To celebrate this - there is no sudden death this week.

To make up for that though I've brought back to LEAST FAVORITE TOPIC OF ALL TIME. Seriously, I've gotten more complaints about this one than any other topic! Why? Because it's simple to people who want to make it simple. It's complex to those who want to think about it. It's awkward and it's pandering to those who use it to pander or be awkward.

People have laughed this one off and threatened me because I've caused them problems because of this topic. Which is why I love it so.

Ladies and Gentlemen...


new topic: "My Favorite LJ User - and why"

Link back here by Wed April 25th at 2 pm EST (gmt -4) Enjoy!