April 18th, 2007


Looking for that just-under-the-wire boost?

twirlandswirl and dizzydog still need to get their entries in! Post the links here by 1 p.m. EST (GMT-4) today! That's just over an hour from now!

Oh, and I got all excited when I saw there were thirty comments on the topic post, because that meant there was only one person missing! Except that there were two non-entry comments.:-P Then kithan got her entry in, so we're left waiting for twirlandswirl and dizzydog.
lj idol

Two enter - one leaves. Sudden Death!!!

As it was last week, so it is this one as well. We have two contestants. Two entries. Current contestants will be the only ones voting on which one to keep.

This week is going to be interesting!

Here are your entries:
evansmj: http://evansmj.livejournal.com/327851.html
oceansedge: http://oceansedge.livejournal.com/534497.html

Voting will continue until Friday April 20 at 3pm EST (gmt -4) or until all the votes are in. Whichever comes first.

Thank you jesterstear for testing. Voting is NOW OPEN!

thurs 1:45pm 8 votes remaining... one person still ahead by 5.

Season Three, Week Thirteen

Letting me know about a last minute technical problem saved twirlandswirl, last week's favorite, from an automatic elimination.

But elimination still hangs over the heads of all of our contestants as the Top 25 starts looming closer and closer!

Who will make it — and who will fall short?
That is for YOU to decide!

Read the entries. Pick your favorites and get out the vote!!

Their future is in your hands!

Voting starts now and will continue until Friday April 20th at 3pm EST (gmt -4)

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