April 11th, 2007

lj idol


Two enter. One Leaves.

This week's sudden death challenge is between

gnomeangel: http://gnomeangel.livejournal.com/337789.html
techempage: http://techempage.livejournal.com/308199.html

Continuing the surprises, this vote is limited to CURRENT CONTESTANTS ONLY. YOU WILL POST YOUR VOTE IN THE COMMENTS.

You can vote for one, or both of them - only the votes by current contestants will be counted.

Voting begins NOW and will continue until Friday April 13 at noon* EST - thanks luckystar37 for the test comment!

(the poll for the rest of you will be posted later today.)

edit to update 4/13 12:29 am EST. 7 votes remain to be cast - and one person is ahead by *1* vote!
(* or when everyone has voted, whichever comes first!)

Season Three, Week Twelve

If you managed to vote in the few seconds when the poll was originally posted (it wouldn't surprise me, it's happened before), you will need to vote again. The original poll had techempage and gnomeangel on it. Oops!

With the withdrawal of moonstone_fae from our proceedings, we are now officially at the half way point in our game contestant wise. So, before we go any further, give yourself a round of applause. You've done well enough to make it to this point.

Which brings us to my least favorite part of the game, when the hard working folk who have been consistent and beloved figures, but never really gotten that extra spark that propels someone forward start vanishing from our ranks. It's always hard to say goodbye, but the weeks to come are going to be extra hard. So hopefully everyone will step up their game and keep themselves in the running a little bit longer! This is also the point though that some of those folk start breaking away from the pack and establishing themselves as sentimental favorites, which is one of my *favorite* parts of the game, so all in all it's a mixed bag for me.*g*

Anyway, this week's theme was transformation, and the entries across the board were pretty damn good. There have been weeks when I saw people phoning it in, but I think we're seeing a general stepping up to the plate, which is lovely to witness!

Which is just going to make this week's votes even harder!

Remember that the only way your favorites are going to stay in the hunt is if you VOTE for them, and if you get out the word that their entries are worth reading!

The bottom two vote getters are going to be leaving us - so make sure it's not you or someone whose work you admire!

Voting starts NOW and will conclude Friday April 13 at noon EST Friday the 13th is going to be unlucky for two of you. Good luck.

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