April 6th, 2007

lj idol

the results...

Wow. There were a few moments there that I thought we were going to end up with a 15 person run-off!!!

But in the end, it once again came down to one vote that made all the difference.

The two folks leaving us this week, I'll be honest, weren't the ones that I thought would be checking out at this point. But, that's why we play the game instead of just letting me assume is going to happen!

Goodbye to both sera_bella and thedemkopartsix. You both certainly did make a good run of it, and you will be missed as competitors.

The next topic, and a surprise, are coming soon!!
lj idol

The new topic, and surprise...

Yes, there is another surprise. I can hear the muttering under your breath already!

This one though involves an idea proposed by your very own fellow contestant zebrapix, taken and warped in my very own style!*g*

So let's deal with the surprise first - it is called "SUDDEN DEATH" and involves one contestant challenging another contestant to a "write off". The two participants will have their own topic, and their own poll with just the two of them.

This may or may not be every week. Honestly? I haven't decided yet, and even if I had, I wouldn't tell you!*g*

What I WILL tell you though is that the person who will get to pick their opponent is going to be the person who came closest to be eliminated. Which, this week, was techempage.

So, techempage, please post here ASAP and choose who you want to face in a one on one writing show down!!! One of you WILL be eliminated next week!

(EDIT TO ADD: The two contestants with nullifier powers CAN use them to nullify a challenge. In which case the challenged party would automatically be the person with the next fewest votes.)

As for the rest of you, you're waiting for the topic for everyone else.

I was thinking about all of the various religious holidays over this week/couple of weeks and there is one general theme that keeps coming up. That of rebirth/transformation.

Slave to free, sinner to saved, flesh to spirit, the celebration of birth and fertility. . . it's about major and fundamental change. (yes, yes, there's a lot more, but go with me here!*g*)

So it's appropriate that we should have so many changes here in the game as well. So many awakenings, and fundamental changes in how you are seeing your part in this adventure.

Your topic this week is "My Transformation".

Everyone has one. Some are big and earth shattering. Others are small but poignant. There are quite a few of you who are going though your own life transformations as we speak.

As always, have fun with the topic and make it your own.

The deadline to link your entry back to this post is Wednesday April 11th at 3 pm EST (GMT -4)
lj idol

The Green Room

Wow, what a week.

I don't think I *can* say anything, but wow. . .*g*

What you may or may not know though is that we are now *1* person away from THE HALF WAY POINT contestant-wise.

If you make it past one more person, you are half-way to winning!

Which is something that I *know* quite a few of you thought you would never be able to do.



So, who are you enjoying reading that you're worried might not be around much longer without some good old fashioned hype?

Any Easter plans?

Who's sending me peeps?*g*
lj idol

Two enter, one leaves : SUDDEN DEATH

The Sudden Death Challenge of Barter Town. . . um, wait, make that LJ IDOL!

The person with the fewest votes who escaped elimination gets to challenge a fellow contestant to a one on one "write off".

This week that person was techempage and he has chosen gnomeangel!!!!

This should be good.

YOUR TOPIC: "Eureka! The best idea I ever had!"

The deadline? Wednesday April 11 at 3 pm EST (GMT -4) Post your entries HERE (obviously, but I forgot to make sure you knew that before originally posting this!!)

This topic is just the two of you, and obviously you don't have to do the other one. (just in case you were wondering.)

One of you is going to win, and one of you will be eliminated.

Good luck.