March 30th, 2007

lj idol

Keep Racing - the New Topic

Yes, you just read that right.

There WILL be an elimination poll posted soon where one person will be eliminated, in addition to the two who didn't get their entries in within the time period (and I extended a full 15 minute grace in hopes of of having every one get in.)

BUT because this is a week of surprises, I have another one for you.

I'm giving you a new topic. Or rather, you are giving yourselves one.

It's an open topic, meaning you can write on whatever you want to write on and just post it here. (unless you were one of the two people who went on vacation and got their open topic week early, in which case I expect you to go back and write on *that* week's topic choices as we discussed at the time.)

Which, speaking candidly, if you can't get in an entry when *any* entry would be acceptable, then you have problems!*G*

So I expect everyone to get something in for next week.

Just link your entry to this post by Wednesday April 4 at 3pm EST. (GMT -4)

If you have been eliminated this week, obviously your entry won't count. So try not to get eliminated! *G*

Good luck and have fun!

Season Three, Week Ten voting

Another week, another time for voting.


albee bowed out earlier this week to concentrate on his band. But quits before the deadline don't count as a boot.

Two people missed the deadline and have been automatically booted from the contest. So this is goodbye to goldfired and tdarling.

Sorry to see you go.

I promised a surprise though, and here it is - this week is the first week of TRIPLE ELIMINATIONS.

So we still have one more person who will be going this week.

Will it be you? Will it be one of your personal favorites?

It will unless you get out the vote!

As always, anyone with special powers who wants to use them needs to email me before the vote is final at

Voting begins now and goes until Monday April 2 at noon EST (GMT -4).

Good luck.

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