March 12th, 2007

lj idol

results and the new topic(s)

Well that was a pleasant surprise wasn't it? Having enough people turn in their entries that we actually had a regular elimination!

Hopefully this will be the norm!

I was thinking until that last moment that there was going to have to be a tie-breaker! But by ONE VOTE we are saying goodbye to jennifer_dunne this week. Once again, not someone I would have thought would be going this early. But as the saying goes, that's why you play the game! Clearly each and every vote is going to count, I'm expecting to continue to have some close ones as the weeks go on.

It's usually ends with a surprise!

I asked two of your fellow competitors to come up with topics for this week and here they are:

aeritone: "I believe in . . ."
strangestgirl "What's your favorite "guilty" pleasure and why?"

Choose one to write and link your entry back here by Friday March 16th at 1 pm EST (gmt -5)
Good luck, and have fun!
lj idol

Green Room

Welcome to another Green Room!

Obviously this is the place to talk about whatever you want to talk about, but I had a conversation the other day that I thought was worth throwing out there to get your opinion.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been letting contestants pick the topics, to keep things interesting and to get more people directly involved in the process.

So far I've been focusing on people that I *don't know*, and haven't had any previous interaction with, to keep things fair and quite frankly, in order to actually meet them and get a better idea of who they are and how their thought process works. (as much as you can get from an email and a selection of a topic at least.)

But it was brought up to me that this is unfair to the people I *do* know. That I might be penalizing them by keeping them out of the running for selecting topics.

I don't want to penalize people for knowing me, that fact that they have to know me is penalty enough! *g*

But I also want to make sure I am hearing some new voices who might not, under ordinary circumstances, be heard from.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?