March 10th, 2007

lj idol


I was out yesterday, so thanks to onyxblue1 for stepping in and making sure everything got done. Give the woman a round of applause folks!

A couple things I left out of my notes however:

If welfy and/or popfiend want to use their immunity this week to save themselves or someone else, please let me know before the results are final. Email me at with your instructions "if so and so is in last, I want to save them".

If gnomeangel wants to use the power of Topsy Turvey, again, email me before the results are finalized.


As for next week's topic, again we are going to have them chosen by participants. The two selected are: strangestgirl and aeritone. Make sure to email me at the above email address as soon as possible. (void if you happen to end up eliminated, so I guess you had better make sure you don't!)