March 5th, 2007

lj idol

Your Topic(s)

As previously stated, this round will have not one, not two, but THREE topics!

Your job is to pick the ONE you want to write.

You can do two, or all three if you really, really want to - but only link to ONE of them.

Your choices:

from agirlnamedluna: "with these skills I will survive the end of modern civilisation" for further explanation : imagine a catastrophe ends modern society ... what happened, how will you go on, what skills will be useful to you in a society without technology etc.

from imafarmgirl: What one thing do you wish all children knew or were being taught?

and from albee: Sometimes Being Right Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be”

With three diverse topics, there should be a little something for everyone, so get to it - and have fun!

Deadline for your entry to be in/linked to this post: Friday March 9th at noon EST (GMT-5)

Good luck!