February 26th, 2007

lj idol


In a week of big opinions - this is a week of big results - and some very, very close ones as well!

First, the elimination results: nuhism is leaving us, which I find really surprising because I thought for sure she would end up shining in this competition.
The second elimination would normally go to the next lowest vote, however riayn offered herself up to leave the competition, so that does not need to happen.

The IMMUNITY goes to popfiend in a very close battle between the top three that came down to the wire.

I'll be posting the new topic soon. It should be a lot of fun - well, at least for people to read!!!*g*
lj idol

I M IN UR IDOL WATCHING U FAP (the topic post)

A special thanks to Bonnie and Helen for helping me on this one!!

The internet - land of communication and lack of communication for that matter.

It has also developed it's own language, with it's fans and detractors.

Which leads us to the
new topic:

omg y do u tipe so funy???? lol netsp34k n lj: A Cross-Cultural Study of Internet-based Linguistics and Their Implications On This Social Networking Website"</b>

As usual, take the topic and make it your own - more important than that - have fun!!

The deadline for you to link your entries back here is Friday March 2nd 3pm EST. (GMT -5)

Good luck!!!
lj idol

Green Room

Another week and another Green Room.

mysticpenguin had an interesting question at the tail end of the last one that most people probably missed, so I'll throw out there for discussion:

What's the verdict on editing for content during voting?


Um - so what's going on with you guys?

edit to add: this would also be the ideal place to ask me any questions you might have on this week's topic!